Ultimate luxury at THE ULTIMATUM at affordable prices

FIFA is a universal craze worldwide. With FIFA fast approaching, the stadium is jam packed with fans all over the world. Accommodation is a serious concern to the fans as hotels are being booked up rapidly. Additionally, some fans feel that the hotels are far more than affordable. "The Ultimatum” is a world class hotel, specifically a world cup hotel, on which the fans can lay their trust on. The world cup hotel offers enticing night stay packages which are affordable as well as attractive. With excellent luxury lounging and suite, the hotel makes you feel ecstatic. Additionally the hotel bestows their customers with cab facilities for shuttle between airport and hotel and to the stadium. An opulent roof garden restaurant “The glint of essence” decorates the world cup hotel which has best class superior and irresistible delicacies.

"The Ultimatum" houses a vast conference room to carry on their business proceedings. In addition, a bar to refresh you up, a dainty swimming pool to cease your fatigue, game courts to add to the extravaganza, a disco to chill you out, sun Jacuzzi beds and lot more are rendered at the hotel. To provide you with compassionate services with care, they stake you with 24X7 professional onsite assistance. Furthermore, the hotel gives access to VIP hospital pass in case of any emergency "The ultimatum" is the right option of stay during world cup events and it had been making the customers feel at home.

Enjoy the exuberance of the event whilst a comfortable stay at the ultimatum.


FIFA 2018 is a fast approaching, and the diehard fans of football are enthusiastic about watching the live match at the stadium. But booking hotels is serious offence as the FIFA fans do not find an appropriate package and it is far beyond affordable. Don't you worry as an eminent world cup hotel “The Coalesce" is the right option to be chosen!!

The world cup hotel “Coalesce” delivers you all the service you require at an affordable rate. One specific reason to choose "The Coalesce" for your stay is its attractive packages and deals it offers. It renders “The FIFA World Cup ticket" for its first 200 customers. It provides the following communal guest services. It enlists as the following.

  • Best luxury lounging which gives you a homely stay at an attractive and at an affordable price.
  • 24X7 reception which renders you with assistance whenever necessary.
  • Cab facilities to provide shuttle from airport to the stadium and other site seeing places.
  • Complete entertainment packages like a rocking disco and game courts.
  • A vast expanse of conference room to carry out your business meetings.
  • A gym and fitness regime to help you carry out your daily routine of exercise.
  • A cool aqua blue swimming pool stretching amidst the hotel to provide you relaxation.
  • Not lastly, the hotel flaunts a roof garden restaurant and bar to bestow a perfect and irresistible dining experience

The people believe in their standards and consider it as the best world cup hotel rated so far for the dedicated offers it renders.

As a momentous staple, the eminent world cup hotel “coalesce” bestows the customers with all their needs and requirements with care and helps create wonderful memories during their stay.